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Welcome to Healthy
Indoor Technologies, LLC!

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Our goal is to provide you with a healthy indoor environment, safe to breathe for the whole family.

HEALTHY INDOOR TECHNOLOGIES is an indoor air quality, energy savings & building investigation service. We provide environmental inspections, testing, mold removal, energy diagnostics & energy improvements. We install Sealed Space vapor barriers, ventilation & radon mitigation systems & perform air duct sealing, foam sealing & insulation. 

Sinus Congestion or Build up? Are your kids more sick than usual? Symptoms of Not feeling well? Have you had water damage?  Have you seen Mold in your home? Do you smell musty odors in your home?

cieCertified Indoor Environmentalist


Wayne Freiesleben is certified by the American Council Indoor Environmentalist for the accredited certification

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Have you ever stopped to think about whether the air you're breathing at home is healthy? Do you frequently have headaches or feel nauseous or tired in your home? Do you feel better when you leave the house?
If you have these symptoms, or others listed here, your home's air quality may be the problem. Healthy Indoor Technologies can help!Signs of Possible Home Indoor Air Quality Problems:

A major hazard is MISINFORMATION. Be informed. Be alert for these signs:

  • Stagnant or standing water under the living space.
  • Condensation on surfaces of walls, foundation, pipes or ducting.
  • Presence of molds and mildew
  • Unusual and noticeable odors, stale or stuffy air
  • Noticeable lack of air movement
  • Dirty or faulty central heating or air conditioning equipment
  • Damaged flue pipes or chimneys
  • Unvented combustion air sources for fossil fuel appliances
  • Excessive humidity
  • Health reaction after remodeling, weatherizing, using new furniture, use of household or hobby products, or moving into a new home
  • Feeling noticeably healthier outside the home
  • Tightly constructed or remodeled home

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or explore our website and contact us at your convenience. Remember What you can't see, CAN hurt you! Thank you for visiting Healthy Indoor Technologies.



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